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Your Mellon works together with RETENCON to find suitable jobs for Ukrainian refugees. We support you in learning the German language and provide important information for your start in Germany!

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A network of over 3,000 employers is available to you through RETENCON and Your Mellon.


New Life - Jobs for Ukraine

Your Mellon

Your Mellon helps you secure your existence by guiding you through the application process and assisting you in finding your dream job in Germany.


Our partner RETENCON has been successfully accompanying and supporting employers of all industries in retention & employer branding for 10 years.

Our joint project New Life for Ukraine is specifically aimed at employers who are willing to support newcomers from Ukraine in building a NEW LIFE, especially professionally.

For this purpose, we provide our platform to the refugee Ukrainians free of charge and invite all employers to publish their employer profiles and get in contact with potential candidates!

Our Russian-speaking consultants support the job-seeking candidates especially in application and integration processes, but also in cultural onboarding at the companies and accompany the first steps of getting to know each other.

Our experts Marina and Natalya:
– have gone through many transformation processes themselves
– have lived in 4 countries on 2 continents with different cultures, languages and mentalities
– have built careers in the business world in Germany
– discovered their passion and vocation in psychology.

You can reach our experts at:

Marina Huber

Marina is a trained psychological counselor and specialist in workplace stress management and burnout prevention.

The counseling in transformation processes and building adaptive capacity is based on Solution-Oriented Thinking and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Natalya Symonova

Natalya is a trained psychologist specializing in industrial and organizational psychology and an aspiring specialist in workplace onboarding and integration in the work environment and society.

She builds her coaching on principles of Happiness Management, such as motivation of staff, staff development, reduction of workload and fears of changes in the work environment.

We are also available online for an initial discussion.


Questions and Answers

Ukrainian citizens need the following documents to be allowed to work in Germany:

  1. A residence title (e.g. visa, residence permit, EU Blue Card)
  2. a work permit and
  3. a valid passport.

If you do not have a work permit yet, we can provide you with a non-binding confirmation of employment.
You present this to the responsible foreigners authority, where you will be issued a work permit.

You can also obtain a residence permit from the foreigners authority in the town or municipality where you are staying.
Here you can find out which authority is responsible for your area.

Register easily and conveniently on the Your Mellon job platform. Here we have posted some special jobs for you. If there is no job for you OR if you would like to start an apprenticeship, you can send us an e-mail directly to and tell us in which professional field you would like to work or be trained. We will contact you!

In a first meeting (in Ukrainian or Russian) we will discuss how we can help you. The service of job placement is free of charge for you.

At Your Mellon we provide jobs from all industries.

You can apply directly to the companies via the platform, either through job advertisements or on your own initiative. The interview is organized by us online or on site at the company. In both cases, we will provide you with the necessary information.

When selecting a job, we advise you to choose a job offer that suits you. See if you can identify yourself with the given information and if the place of employment is suitable for you. It is also very important that your profile is completed and that you have uploaded all important documents. Only in this way can you appear as interesting as possible to the employer.

We at Your Mellon work exclusively with selected companies that are waiting with great interest for you as an applicant. You do not need to worry about dubious employers. These are sorted out by us in advance.